The AFEM Alliance is a working class anarchist & autonomous women’s organization in Los Angeles, CA.  We are a women identifying & trans-inclusive alliance seeking the abolition of state, capitalism, racism, patriarchy, and all forms of domination. We also channel our organizing efforts against capitalist subjugation and commodification of wildlife & nature. Our tenets include direct action, mutual aid, dual power, & international solidarity.

Given the current mobilization of women in the United States, we as radicals envisioning a healthier society do not believe the fight against patriarchy is only a legal or electoral battle.   Late feminism has divorced itself from working class, impoverished, & marginalized women’s needs, while continuing to latch itself onto the Democratic Party and Neoliberal hegemony.

We oppose purist call out culture and seek transformative justice models in organzing spaces.  We are channeling our intersectional energies in building an anti-state presence in women’s struggles.

For membership, go to our membership tab.  For organizing questions and all other requests check out our submit tab.